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Welcome back to another week of big releases!
With the Kree/Skrull war on the horizon in the upcoming Empyre series, it may be time to grab some comics and hunker down for some great reads! Starting with Road To Empyre Kree Skrull War #1. Excited about the upcoming Black Widow movie? Read up on Nat’s travels in Marvels Avengers Black Widow #1! But there’s so much more! From X-Men #9 to Batman Curse of the White Knight #8 to Detective Comics #1021, there are so many steller stories to stir your spirit! But don’t take my word for it, check them all out below for yourself!

Two floors of fun:
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Women’s History Month:
This month we honor the women who create comics, and female characters in comics! Please check out our list of select graphic novels specially curated by our buying team, and take 20% off!

Regular Alex Ross Cover

Variant Benjamin Dewey Cover

Incentive Jack Kirby Hidden Gem Variant Cover

Regular Stephen Segovia Cover

Variant Whilce Portacio Cover

Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover

Regular Adam Kubert Cover

Variant Gerald Parel
Spider-Woman Cover

Variant Marcos Martin God Loves Man Kills Cover

Regular Terry Dodson Cover

Variant Meghan Hetrick Flower Cover

Variant Mark Brooks Cover

True Believers Empyre Lyja #1

True Believers Empyre She-Hulk #1

True Believers Empyre Vision #1

Basketful Of Heads #6 Variant Matteo Scalera Cover

John Constantine Hellblazer #5

Last God #6

Thor #1 Midtown Exclusive Gerald Parel Variant Cover

Wolverine #1 Midtown Exclusive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover

Bloodshot #1 Midtown Exclusive Francesco Mattina NYCC
Foil Virgin Variant Cover

Regular Viktor Kalvachev Cover

Variant Adam Gorham Cover

Variant Emily Pearson Cover

Regular Mike Miller Cover

Variant Mel Ruby Cover

Incentive Mel Rubi Virgin Cover

Canto Vol 1 If I Only Had
A Heart TP

Once & Future Vol 1 TP

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell TP

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Believe it,
G-Man, Kristen, and Kareem!

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