TheOASG Podcast Episode 147: That’s Anime Now?

Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen talk on the internet about what they’ve been up to, which revolves one host watching The Batman and the other talking about Eurovision and Oshi no Kowhich MANGA Plus added a few weeks ago!

Pandemic News

8:37: Shikimori Finally, after the Dogakobo studio had shut down at one point, he has announced their plans for the rest of the season, which involves a delay and a recap.


11:59: Netflix appears to be doing the thing that the two hosts talked about last episode this Fall…and this can’t go well.

15:20: In/Spectre Season 2 was planned to air this Fall, but now it’s been delayed to Winter 2023.


16:58: Seven Seas licensed more new stuff:

  • Aloha Higa’s Polar Bear Cafewhich will be released as a Collector’s Edition
  • coolkyousinnjya & Nobuyoshizamurai’s Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Fafnir the Recluse
  • Riddle Kamimura’s Ex-Yakuza and Stray Kitten
  • Fumi Mikami’s My Secret Affection (aka the Gay meteor shoujo manga)
  • Shisui Meikyou, Takashi Ohmae, & tef’s Backstabbed in a Backwater Dungeon: My Party Tried to Kill Me, But Thanks to an Infinite Gacha I Got LVL 9999 Friends and Am Out For Revenge
  • Utakata’s Gap Papa: Daddy at Work and at Home
  • Hiroshi Noda & Takahiro Wakamatsu’s No Longer Human…In Another World
  • Masanari Yuduka’s The Knight Blooms Behind Castle Walls
  • senko’s My Sister, The Cat
  • Nagato Yamata & fame’s World’s Fastest Level Up! (Airship)

21:38: Yen Press only had one title announcement but big for Sasaki and Miyano fans: Shou Harusono’s Hirano and Kagiura; Irodori Sakura licensed oikono tt’s indie manga Loving Living VR: A Jobless Girl’s [Guy IRL]; and Bookwalker has finally started adding audiobooks to their service.

Streaming News

24:35: The Deer King will be streaming in theaters starting in July; The Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film will be airing in theaters worldwide this summer.

25:51: Amazon Prime added all 4 seasons of the Shin-chan spin-off anime series…those titles sure sound familiar! Meanwhile Retrocrush will add the Megazone 23 anime to their service this month.

Wired News

26:34: A real-life bookstore that was featured in Love Live! Sunshine is closing at the end of the month due to the building’s deterioration.

27:13: The Requiem of the Rose King anime has had some…significant issues throughout its run, and a few weeks ago the manga creator Aya Kanno ended up commenting on the anime cuts. Probably not a good thing!

29:30: The two hosts went back to 2018 thanks to Gene Simmons commenting on an otaku marrying “Hatsune Miku”. Note…there was a reason for that.

30:54: Hey, NFTs may be collapsing but that’s not going to stop Toei from releasing a zombie zoo anime based off a 9-year old’s NFT collection this month!

31:09: Tokyo film company Kokuei found an old long-lost pilot anime by Doraemon co-creator Fujiko Fujio A, which means it’s definitely possible more people will be able to see it once it gets restored.

32:31: And in Justin’s personal #1 favorite weird news story of 2022, the Chargers released their schedule for 2022, anddddd it’s gloriously [INSERT any word you think fits]. Just watch it and enjoy.

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