TheOASG Podcast Episode 146: Why Yes, The News is Weird Once Again

Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen finally get to talk about what they’ve been up to over the past month that has nothing to do with seasonal anime. Let’s just say it involves reading a lot of J-Novel Club stuff and Helen seeing Pompo: The Cinéphile.

Oh, and also watching a few more Spring anime. Never mind on the end of seasonal anime talk!


32:56: In case you missed it, Netflix reported their first drop in subscribers in a decade. So they might just do a low-cost subscription tier with ads as their response. Justin and Helen are skeptical of that working.

36:08: Billy Kametz announced that he has Stage IV colon cancer, which means he’ll be taking a break from current and any future voiceover work. After multiple requests he did launch a GoFundMe, so if you can, you can donate to help.

37:49: Daman Mills took to Twitter and finally spoke out about the last month and a half after being accused of sexual misconduct, and Justin and Helen give what they hope are their last thoughts on this entire situation.


41:27: Kodansha did their usual Kodansha Live at the end of the month and had this month’s digital announcements:

  • Nina Kitajima’s Oh, Those Hanazono Twins (5/3)
  • KUJIRA’s Changes of Heart (5/3)
  • Madoka Kitaji’s This Vampire Won’t Give Up! (5/10)
  • Yuki Urushibara’s When a Cat Faces West (5/17/)
  • Toyo Toyota’s The Untouchable Midori-kun (5/17)
  • Kiwi Tokina’s Our Fake Marriage: Rosé (5/24)
  • Rin Miasa’s Koigakubo-kun Stole My First Time (5/24)
  • Serina Oda’s The Rokudo Rounds (5/31)

But then Kodansha’s not done! They’re partnering with Bookwalker to release what the hosts assume is another raunchy title: Takeya Takekake’s full-color manga I’ll Never Send a Selfie Again!

44:35: MANGA Plus has added a couple new titles to their service:

  • Yasuki Tanaka’s Summertime Rendering 2026: The Room that Dreams of Murder
  • Joumyaku & Mizuki Yoda’s MARRIAGETOXIN
  • Aka Akasaka & Mengo Yokoyari’s【OSHI NO KO

46:08: Seven Seas’ Wonderful Wednesdays has returned! Here’s how they kicked off their return:

  • Shoko Hidaka’s Anti-Romance
  • Onigunsou’s Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari
  • Hawkman & Mecha-Roots’s Night of the Living Cat
  • Rokujuuyon Okazawa & Jun Sasameyuki’s Let’s Buy the Land and Cultivate It in a Different World

48:00: More BL manga will be on futekiya:

  • Samba Maekawa’s Ore Tachi no Hanashi wo Shiyou
  • Sainosuke’s Boss to Yasu
  • Ryo Ito’s Koi wo Shiru niha Mada Aoi
  • Makuya’s Gnossiennes -Seinen Tachi wa Yuukaku de Koi wo Siru-
  • Hai’s Suki ni Natta Hito ga Barineko de Shita-
  • Taguru Nakamaru’s Kouda-san! Uchi Kimashou! -Nigerare Otoko to Batsuichi Otoko-
  • Merino’s Yuusha-sama no Are ga Cheatkyuu Sugite Komattemasu
  • Ryo Ito’s Koi ni Kizuita Sono Hi kara
  • salty’s Aseta Tsuki to Amai Kiba
  • Kanna Aizumi’s Kyou mo Futago ni Semararete masu

49:34: Two shocking announcements took place at J-Novel Club’s supposedly chill/general announcements stream!…More Bookworm and Seirei Gensouki — the manga — in print. Yeah, maybe one of those is actually shocking. Also Justin already has faith JNC will bring every piece of Bookworm that exists in English, it’s just simply a matter of time.

52:27: GKIDS made two announcements — they’ve licensed Deji Meets Girl and Nadia. Nadia will be a 4K restoration version!

Wired News

53:21: Helen and Justin argue about Wotakoi Volume 6 getting three different variant covers on top of its regular edition being weird, it’s just Justin is not really convinced.

57:30: There was technically no streaming news this episode, but that’s because it’s in this section: Tubi TV’s streaming the English dub of The Laws of the Universe: The Age of Elohimsponsored by Happy Science!

58:49: More stories came out since Justin and Helen actually talked about this, but the two focused on Kotaku’s report regarding Nintendo and how they treat their workers.

1:01:11: Tawawa on Monday drew controversy after an ad was placed in a financial newspaper in Japan, and since then, more discussion on its placement and Kodansha’s response has been had over the internet.

1:05:05: Black Clover is now not only going to be on its final arc, but it’s also taking a three-month break to prepare for it.

1:07:57: One of the most unlikeliest combinations in anime and sports history has happened: Jordan and Naruto. Thanks Zion!

1:09:54: In case you somehow managed to avoid every single spoiler known to man, the new Doctor Strange is out today, and there’s a collaboration involving that and a ton of hololive VTubers that Helen can say the names perfectly of!

1:11:56: Last month the two hosts talked about actress Shoko Nakagawa applying for JAXA. Unfortunately, she did not pass the first level of screening.

1:12:41: And just when you thought the two hosts would never talk about Dick Fight Island again…the two hosts get to talk about it once again thanks to the internet!

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