TheOASG Podcast Episode 141: GTO, The Story of Saiunkoku, and…Celebs Fighting Over Akira

Show Notes

0:00: While Helen talks about prepping for Katsucon this weekend, Justin says out loud rather than in tweets about re-reading Great Teacher Onizuka after many years of not reading it.

Pandemic News

13:32: More JP talents are getting diagnosed with COVID, from Moeka Koizumi to Sho Hayami, so again, we’re all still very much in the pandemic and people are catching it.


14:23: We got tracing happening in the manga industry, which is a definite no-no! Justin and Helen discuss the Kirawaretai no ~Kōshoku Ō no Kisaki o Zenryoku de Kaihi Shimasu~ manga getting canceled.

16:49: Another year, and once again, there’s no anime being nominated for the Oscars! Helen has some issues about the nominations aside from there being no anime on the list.

18:47: Speaking of awards, Crunchyroll had their awards this year, but if you didn’t realize it, fair enough — they just shadow dropped it on a Wednesday for whatever reason.

21:25: A few different lawsuits occurred over the past few weeks — we’ve had website maintainers getting charged for posting manga scripts; Four major publishers suing Cloudflare; and a couple YouTubers having two entirely different copyright and legal experiences over the past few months.

25:43: Chihayafuru is finally going to end! Justin can only now wonder if there will be a final season to complete the series.

27:31: A Kickstarter launched for Oban Star Racersand they already reached its goal in over an hour!

28:21: And well, Helen feels a little down as she sees The Mangasplaining podcast is launching a subscription service that will be publishing manga themselves.


31:44: Discotek not only just licensed Mrs. Pepperpotthey announced they’ll have the Japanese and English dub of all 130 episodes on the BD.

33:33: Seven Seas, againhas some more announcements on Wednesday:

  • Shō Aimoto’s Kemono Jihen
  • Ryo Sumiyoshi’s Our Torsos Align: Human x Monster Love
  • Milk Morinaga’s My Cute Little Kitten
  • Hisamitsu Ueo and Sirou Tsunasima’s Qualia the Purple (light novel and manga)
  • Yu Aida’s Die Even More Valiantly
  • Takahiro Arai’s manga adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables

36:24: Comikey has four new titles that’ll be on their service:

  • Sumi Eno’s After God
  • Azuki Arai and Zianazu’s Thank You, Isekai
  • Jin Mokoyama’s I’m Cute Enough to Get Away With It
  • Sato and Suzuka Oda’s The Villainess Who Became a Nightingale

36:50: Kodansha will be simulpubbing Yuuki Kodama’s The World of Summoning; futekiya has announced they’ve licensed Kazuki Natsume’s His Little Amber.

Streaming News

37:32: Crunchyroll did eventually announce they’re streaming the newest Precure anime; GKIDS & Tubi TV have entered a content partnership deal; and RetroCrush added the following titles in January:

  • Ryoko’s Case File
  • ColorCloud Palace (The Story of SaiunkokuSeason 1 (English dub only)
  • Hajime no Ippo, Hajime no Ippo – Champion Road, & Hajime no Ippo – Mashiba vs. Kimura

…But of course, Helen’s wondering where’s the Japanese version for Saiunkokuand she’s…she’s not pleased at this development.

41:12: Netflix will drop Kotaro Lives Alone in March, which is good since it dropping in April meant it would’ve gotten lost in the smorgasbord of anime airing in Spring; and the dubs for Komi Can’t Communicate and Blue Period are now up on Netflix.

Wired News

44:44: My Dress-up Darling has blown up a bunch of things, and that includes actual Hina dolls!

46:52: Someone going under the name of “Rengoku” donated about 100,000 yen (About $860) to Saitama’s City Hall.

47:58: There’s a premium set of sake that will be a part of the upcoming Bleed Them Dry series, and it involves Yoshitaka Amano. But this isn’t for Japan — it’s for the US!

49:35: If you that the Vic Mignogna saga was over…not just yet! Though this time we’re getting insight from the two voice actresses directly involved in this in podcast form.

50:51: We have a bunch of companies once again getting involved into NFTs! From CryptoNinja to a 9-year-old’s Zombie Zoo NFTs getting produced by Toei to Astro Boy NFTs for the MetaVerse-based trading card game…it appears this nonsense will never end and soon enough your favorite company will get into this.

53:32: Edward Snowden commented on the 86 anime, which set anime twitter on fire and Helen remembering that he did appear in an anime before.

54:43: And just to make sure Justin and Helen will have an incredibly weird news to put on the end of year 2022 list, Kim and Kanye have gotten into an argument on their Akira graphic novels belong to who. Just so bizarre.

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