HyperX Announces New DuoCast Microphone and White Colorways for QuadCast S and SoloCast Microphones

SoloCast USB Microphone 24-bit Audio Upgrade also Revealed What You Need to Know: HyperX, the gaming peripherals team at HP Inc. and brand leader in gaming and esports, revealed the expansion of its microphone family with three new additions – the HyperX DuoCastTM USB microphone and white colorways in the HyperX SoloCastTM and QuadCastTM USB … Read more

Neon White [Game Review]

“Heaven Has Some New Warriors” Game Info: People’s perception of Heaven usually is pretty similar. We all imagine Heaven above as a relaxing place free of sin and acts as a true final place for rest and peace. In the world of Neon White, Heaven might be peaceful but the inhabitants aren’t too “friendly”. Players … Read more

Batman: Beyond the White Knight Showcase Edition

BATMAN: BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 & #2 COLLECTED IN SHOWCASE EDITION First Issue Previously Received a Second Printing; Showcase Edition Features New Cover Art by Series Writer & Artist Sean Gordon Murphy **SPOILER ALERT!** The Joker is alive AND Harley Quinn is married to Bruce Wayne?! A lot has happened in the first two … Read more

The White Knight Universe is Expanding

Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood Two Issues from Sean Murphy, Clay McCormack and Simone Di Meo The world of Batman: White Knight continues to expand in the exciting new miniseries, Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood! With things heating up in Neo-Gotham, Jason Todd revisits his post-Robin past to find the one ally he … Read more

Up to 60% off Select Back Issues, new X-Men, X-Men/FF, new First Issues Marvel & DC, Batman Curse of the White Knight « Midtown Comics

Welcome back to another week of big releases!With the Kree/Skrull war on the horizon in the upcoming Empyre series, it may be time to grab some comics and hunker down for some great reads! Starting with Road To Empyre Kree Skrull War #1. Excited about the upcoming Black Widow movie? Read up on Nat’s travels … Read more