World Premiere of Frank Wildhorn’s New Musical "Your Lie in April" Opens in Tokyo

[sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”” url=”” ] [en]What You Need to Know: [/en][es]Lo que necesitas saber: [/es] The world premiere of a brand-new musical Your Lie in April finally opened its curtain to a house full of enthusiastic audiences at the prestigious Nissay Theater on Saturday, May 7th in Tokyo two years after the cancellation … Read more

Parkour Through An Abandoned Tokyo in Bubble!

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”imdb” url=”” ] Bubble might sound like a silly name for a movie but when we heard that this anime film was being helmed by WIT Studio…you know we didn’t care about the title. Top that off, with a story written by Gen Urobuchi—who is famous for his work … Read more

Tokyo 24-ku (Tokyo 24th Ward) [Anime Review]

“With Every Choice, a Consequence is Born” Episodes : 12 Genre : Mystery, Sci-Fi Airing Date : January 2022 – April 2022 Producers : CloverWorks Since childhood, three friends—Shuta Aoi, Ran Akagi, and Kouki Suido—knew only how much they loved to hang out with one another and these good days seemed to be never-ending. Sadly, … Read more

Episode 12 – Tokyo 24th Ward

I definitely had my concerns going into the finale of Tokyo 24th Ward, not so much with whether it would achieve any measurable quality after all this time on the downtrend, but more on how much it would ask of me, evaluation-wise. I don’t think I’ve made any secret of how exhausting I’ve come to … Read more

Episode 11 – Tokyo 24th Ward

One thing I haven’t yet made space to mention much regarding Tokyo 24th Ward is how the whole storyline actually feels very video game-y. Specifically it has a lot of the earmarks of the kinds of visual novels Vio Shimokura has experience writing for at Nitroplus. You could see the expositional conversations across the long … Read more

Episode 10 – Tokyo 24th Ward

I’m not sure how impromptu last week’s recap episode was, but I hope the crew enjoyed their additional time, regardless. Tokyo 24th Ward is absolutely not a show anybody should be pushing themselves hard to put together, a fact that’s become apparent with every passing week of its exhausting attempts at profundity. It gets to … Read more

Episode 9 – Tokyo 24th Ward

I had previously mentioned how it felt like Tokyo 24th Ward was trying its damnedest to keep its ostensible main characters, the RGB boys, as cut off from understanding and agency in its plot as possible. Two out of three of them still have no idea what the KANAE system is or how it relates … Read more

Tokyo University Of The Arts Has Made Japan A Hotbed For Indie Animation

Program overview Koji Yamamura From the start, the influence of Japanese indie icon Koji Yamamura (who helped initiate the program and has been a professor there since 2008) was notable in terms of the wide-ranging approaches that fused innovative designs, non-linear narratives, and content that fused the personal and experimental. “The main focus is on … Read more

Episode 8 – Tokyo 24th Ward

Admittedly, Shu’s meandering misfire of an episode in last week’s Tokyo 24th Ward did have the decency to end on a structurally-sound post-credits cliffhanger for the story. Thus we’re able to open up in this one and just get straight into the more involved parts of the plot after we spent all of that previous … Read more

Episode 7 – Tokyo 24th Ward

We all enjoyed that week off from Tokyo 24th Ward, right? Really, given the track record of several of their productions, to say nothing of how well things have been going for this one from the start, CloverWorks should probably be allowed to take all the time they want with this project. It even ends … Read more