Kevin Eastman talks career retrospective and THE LAST RONIN at ALA 2022

Kevin Eastmanco-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, delivered a career retrospective Sunday at this year’s American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC, discussing everything from who his favorite Turtle is (Michelangelo) to how his love of reading began (at libraries) to next month’s release of The Last Ronin hardcover (which he called … Read more

Tillie Walden talks CLEMENTINE, optimism, and the end of the world

The newest graphic novel by Tillie Walden is out today with Clementine: Book One, which is set within The Walking Dead universe and centered around a character who has to-date mostly appeared in video games. This is, essentially, the first major addition to The Walking Dead in comics since the main series ended in July … Read more

You Pretty Things: Jadzia Axelrod Talks Trans Heroes and Glam Rock

Every year, all of us at like to take Pride Month as a moment not just to showcase our favorite queer characters, but to take stock on where we are in representing the most isolated and vulnerable among us and provide a warm and welcome light. To use the power of our stories to … Read more

Rainbow Rowell talks charting the ongoing SHE-HULK series

Jennifer Walters is getting her life together. After several years as a savage She-Hulk, Jen is finally back in her right mind, with a new job and a new place to live to boot. The current She-Hulk Ongoing series launched in January, with Jen’s adventures now being guided by former Runaways scribe Rainbow Rowell and … Read more

INTERVIEW: Writer Samuel Sattin Talks Reinventing Tezuka’s UNICO, Fan-Funding, and Honoring the God of Manga

If you’ve follow manga long enough, you’ll certainly know about Osamu Tezuka, his impact on the industry, and the numerous creations he’s made, some of which influence the current generation of artists today. For one of his creations, however, one writer, then an artist team, and then a number of talented creators are aiming to … Read more

On Take You Child To Work Day, Emily Hubley Talks Three Generations Of Family Animation

For Take Your Child to Work Day, Cartoon Brew spoke with Emily about working with her parents, the role their film’s still playing in the family today, and working with her own son on his budding animation career. CockabodyFaith and John Hubley (1973) Growing up, how much a part of your lives was your parents’ … Read more

Alek Shrader talks adapting CARMEN as a graphic novel

Georges Bizet‘s Carmen is one of the most famous works of theater in history. Now the Arizona Opera is looking to bring the story of Carmen, Don José, Escamillo, and the rest to a wider, non-theater-going audience in a new medium: comics. The company has announced Carmen: The Graphic Novela comic book adaptation of the … Read more