U.S. Congressman Proposes Bill To Strip Disney Of Long-Held Copyrights

What is the motivation behind the proposal? According to Hawley: The age of Republican handouts to Big Business is over. Thanks to special copyright protections from Congress, woke corporations like Disney have earned billions while pandering to woke up. It’s time to take away Disney’s special privileges and open up a new era of creativity … Read more

Cartoon and Comic Strip News Briefs The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic Books Cartoon and Comic Strip News Briefs Sorry about the tight deadline (April 20, 2022) but here’s a fun project for the cartoonist in your family. RubeGoldberg.com hosts the famous annual Rube Goldberg Machine contest where building a physical Rube Goldberg contraption. Now they have added a cartoon contest! Details and … Read more