Crunchyroll’s Move Back to In-Person Dub Recording Sparks Union Discussion

In March, I wrote about a growing group of anime voice actors demanding more union productions in the anime dubbing industry. Since that article was published the conversation has only intensified, and on Wednesday, April 13 the Coalition of Dubbing Actors (CODA) responded with a virtual roundtable to answer questions about unionization. The conversation occurred … Read more

Controversial Tawawa on Monday Manga Ad Sparks Conversation on Censorship – Interest

One Japanese politician is making his opinion known following the controversy stemming from a full-page ad for the Tawawa on Monday (Getsuy┼Źbi no Tawawafanservice manga in The Nikkei financial newspaper. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) member Kenzo Fujisue shared an image of himself holding volumes three and four Kiseki Himura‘s manga on Twitter on Tuesday. His … Read more