How Composer MAYUKO Created Ranking of Kings’ Fantasy-Infused Score

Writer, composer, arranger and singer, Mayuko has been performing as a singer-songwriter since she was a student. As a composer, she created music for the drama The Full-Time Wife Escapistthe anime Cells at Work! and her latest soundtrack, available now from Milan Records, is all about capturing the magic of a fantasy world. We sat … Read more

Two Score and 14 Years Ago … (YMMV) The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Editorial cartooning CSotD: Two Score and 14 Years Ago… (YMMV) The tradition is to mark history in round numbers, and 54 years ago is hardly that, but March 31, 1968 was a pretty interesting moment in time and, besides, I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, so had to put something together … Read more

Settling the Score: Hashikko Ensemble, Final Chapter

48 chapters later, friends compete for the first time in this conclusion to Hashikko Ensemble. Summary It’s shortly after the start of the new school year at Hashimoto Tech, and all the clubs are presenting to recruit first-years. While the freshmen predictably look a little too rough-and-tumble to sing chorus/glee-style, Jin declares his confidence that … Read more