Ranan Lurie – RIP The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: AAEC-feed Ranan Lurie – RIP Editorial cartoonist and political caricaturist Ranan Lurie has passed away. Ranan Raymond Lurie May 26, 1932 – June 7, 2022 From The New York Times: Ranan Lurie, an Israeli war hero and world peacemaker who set records as the world’s most widely syndicated political cartoonist, died … Read more

Bill Wilson – RIP The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Cartoonist Bill Wilson – RIP Cartoonist and comic art collector Bill Wilson has passed away. William Breckinridge (Bill) Wilson February 23, 1930 – April 29, 2022 From the obituary: William Breckinridge Wilson passed away peacefully. Bill was talented and creative. He loved music, especially Dixieland jazz. He had excellent rhythm … Read more

Neal Adams – RIP The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Cartoonist’s Cartoonists Neal Adams – RIP Comic book and comic strip artist Neal Adams has passed away. Neal Adams June 15, 1941 – April 28, 2022 From The Hollywood Reporter: Neal Adams, the legendary comic book artist who reinvigorated Batman and other superheroes with his photorealistic stylings and championed the rights … Read more

James Bama – RIP The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic strips James Bama – RIP Famed western and book cover artist James Bama has passed away. James Elliott Bama April 28, 1926 – April 24, 2022 Social media is reporting that James Bama died this morning. James Bama is famous for his western paintings that are in museums around the world. … Read more

RIP Miguel Ángel Sanjurjo, creator of JIBARO SAMURAI and Puerto Rican indie comics giant

It’s hard to pin down the exact moment I met Miguel Ángel Sanjurjo, ‘Guelo’ to his friends. It’s hard because he was so imbedded in Puerto Rico’s indie comics scene, so present, that it feels like he was always there. Like I’ve always known he was there. This might be the best way to describe … Read more

RIP Anne D. Bernstein, Key Writer On MTV’s ‘Daria’ And ‘Downtown’

Bernstein’s cover for the first issue of “Drawn & Quarterly” Gradually, the writing gigs accumulated. Bernstein penned questions for game shows (“a horrible job”) and pieces for magazines like National Lampoon, where she was a contributing editor. She was a regular on Nickelodeon and MTV shows, writing for live-action series like Welcome Freshmen and the … Read more