Episode 24 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 24 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 1.8 Y’know, in hindsight, maybe electing a suicidal 12-year-old to become God was a bad idea. I’ve been struggling with how to cover this finale for a bit, because there are two distinct parts to it, but absolutely nobody gives a single, solitary shit … Read more

Episode 23 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 23 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 2.6 Well everybody, we’ve made it. After months of increasing tedium and plummeting production values, we’ve reached the end of, uh, Platinum End. Yes, there’s technically another episode next week, presumably an epilogue, but as of the credits in this episode we’ve at least … Read more

Episode 22 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 22 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 2.7 Yoneda fucking sucks. I just needed to put that up front, because while it’s been implied across previous episode reviews, it deserves to be stated plainly. As a character, as a villain, as just a narrative tool serving to drive the story forward, … Read more

Episode 21 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 21 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 2.8 I haven’t talked much about Platinum End as an adaptation here. I figure most people (those still left, anyway) are experiencing this story for the first time through the anime, and there’s nothing less appealing to newbies than somebody who’s reading the source … Read more

Episode 20 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 20 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 2.6 I worry I’m repeating myself in these reviews. To an extent that’s unavoidable – Platinum End has sucked for a long while, mostly in the same ways it always has. And my command of the English language isn’t sophisticated enough to find new … Read more

Episode 19 – Platinum End

How would you rate episode 19 ofPlatinum End ? Community score: 2.3 throughout its run, Platinum End has seen its overall plot and focus shift a few times, as if its own creators weren’t sure what, exactly, they wanted the story to be. Was it a high-level mental chess match? A trashy murder game starring … Read more