Interview with My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’s Wataru Watari, Masazumi Kato, Chado Horii – Otakon 2022

Fans of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU eagerly packed into a Otakon panel room to spend an hour with a few special guests—original light novel creator and script writer Wataru Watariproducer Masazumi Katōand the voice of Kakeru Tobe, Chado Horii. The guests greeted a cheering crowd and shared their roles on the production of the … Read more

Interview with Toshio Furukawa & Shino Kakinuma – Otakon 2022

Despite its age, Urusei Yatsura Continues to define the anime landscape with its rich legacy and unforgettable characters. With the upcoming series reboot in mind, ANN sat down to speak with Ataru’s own Toshio Furukawa and his wife and fellow voice actor Shino Kakinuma at Otakon about what made their long careers as seiyū so … Read more

Composer Interviewing Composer: Yuki Hayashi vs. Kaoru Wada – Otakon 2022

Fans of anime and music alike got a rare treat this past weekend at Otakon during the panel, “Composer Interviewing Composer – Yuki Hayashi vs Kaoru Wada” featuring legendary composers Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academy, Haikyu!!, Gundam Build Fighters) and Kaoru Wada (InuYasha, Ninja Scroll, Samurai 7) as they sat down and talked to each … Read more

Rolling Quartz International Debut – Otakon 2022

The Korean rock-and-roll band Rolling Quartz made their presence known onstage at Otakon‘s Friday Night K-Pop Show. Composed of the guitarists Iree, Yeong, and Hyunhung, lead vocalist Jayoung, bassist Areum, and drummer Yeongeun, the quintet’s electrifying performance marked their international debut, serving up their brand of glammy pop-punk to a wave of new fans. As … Read more