TRIAL OF THE AMAZONS #1, a big moment for Wonder Woman

THIS WEEK: With Suicide Squad: Blaze #1, writer Simon Spurrier and artist Aaron Campbell re-team after a critically-acclaimed Hellblazer run — can they recapture the creative magic? Note: This piece contains spoilers. If you want a quick, spoiler-free buy/pass recommendation on the comics in question, check out the bottom of the article for our final … Read more

Batwing’s Big Moment: Luke Fox’s Rise to Gotham Great

Lucas Fox is having a bit of a moment. As a mixed martial arts fighter, tech business magnate and one of Gotham’s few flying superheroes in his cutting edge batsuit, it’s easy to see why. Luke is the wealthy and powerful Fox family’s favorite son—and one which New York City’s Batman, Luke’s own brother, has … Read more