Signe Baumane On Lesson Learned Making ‘My Love Affair With Marriage’

Signe Baumane As was the case with Rocks in My Pockets, My Love Affair with Marriage is a deeply personal story, based heavily on Baumane’s own life experiences. Whereas the earlier film was about battling depression, this time she focuses on love and relationships. “By wrapping my personal story around scientific findings, I was hoping … Read more

My Happy Marriage Volume 1 Light Novel Review

Miyo’s parents were forced to marry in hopes that merging two influential psychological (Gifted) families would yield a powerful child. Miyo’s father, Shinichi, reluctantly broke up with his lover, Kanoko, and his resentment only grew when Miyo was born without Spirit-Sight, let alone other abilities. After his wife’s death, he promptly married his old girlfriend, … Read more