Episode 12 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 12 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.4 It feels fitting that our final episode -episode 12, “Let’s Pick Some Out Together”- is a celebration: namely, Koharu’s birthday is coming, and it’s up to Hiyori to figure out a gift. Only… she doesn’t know what to get her: that is, until … Read more

6 Anime Like Slow Loop [Recommendations]

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”ZMXZ-15321″ text=”” url=”” ] Slow Loop may not be rising through the popularity rankings this season – especially with Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) and Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) going on full throttle – but it has us hook, line, and sinker. The cute aesthetics partnered with the … Read more

Episode 11 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 11 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.3 Episode 11, “Those Important To Me”, is a Koi-centric episode which like: thank you for the good food because Koi is absolutely one of the best characters in the series. That said, Slow Loop never focuses for too on one girl, so while … Read more

Episode 10 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 10 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.0 I’ll say it up front: I go feral for a good school festival episode, especially when it’s my personal favorite, the cultural festival. As a former senior high school teacher who annually attended the school’s festival for four years straight (including daibunkasaiwhich opened … Read more

Episode 9 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 9 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.3 “I Wanna Go on a Fishing and Camping Trip!” Gently guides us into autumn, with Koi taking the lead, until Hiyori and Koharu reveal that they’ve run away from home via a sudden appearance that breaks Koi’s rather poetic musings on the seasonal … Read more

Episode 8 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 8 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.5 “I’m Fine Right Here” is still soundly set in summer with all the glorious ASMR sounds of cicadas crying. Naturally, Koharu is hella hyped about catching them, much to Hiyori’s chagrin and mild discomfort. Thankfully for the latter, they’re called into the house … Read more

Episodes 6-7 – Slow Loop

How would you rate episode 6 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 3.9 How would you rate episode 7 ofSlow Loop ? Community score: 4.4 Episode 6, “Difficult Is Fun” may not immediately feel fresh, but as the middle of this cour, it hits just right. We’re soundly in summer with Hiyori and Koharu, which means … Read more

Mangamo Adds Robustness, Dungeon Battle Royale, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun, Ghost Story Loop Manga – News

Mangamo announced on Friday that it has added the following four manga to its service between January-February: Title: Robustness – Road to OlympiaCreators: Yoshiyuki Satо̄Summary: A tale of two brothers from ancient Greece, Grenos and Horos, trained together in the ways of Pankration — a martial art combining boxing and wrestling, considered the toughest sport … Read more