How Buck Used Spark AR Studio To Bring The Art Of Takashi Murakami To Life

The Installation In partnership with Instagram, we created six site- and exhibit-specific en effects for “Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,” which opened at The Broad Museum in May 2022. When experienced in the context of Murakami’s exhibition, his first US museum show to have an ar component, these ar effects evolve … Read more

Dreams, Death and Desire: The Sandman’s Endless Come to Life

Meet the Endless. Like most siblings, they have their rivalries, but unlike other extended families they just happen to control the fabric of our existence. The Sandman is now streaming on Netflix, and it will soon introduce viewers to just who’s pulling the strings when it comes to things like dreams, desires, despair and…yes, death. … Read more

Episodes 4-5 – My Isekai Life

A big bombastic episode to ring in the fourth outing of My Isekai Life. I really enjoyed this one, and feel like it sets up the series for yet more interesting future events. The big draw, of course, is the battle with the blue dragon. The dragon’s design is quite interesting, with the wings, separate … Read more

Life Or Death! Top 10 Best Survival Anime Of All Time

There are countless genres to chose from in Anime. Today we will be listing 10 amazing survival anime that will bring out your inner survival instincts! Enjoy! In Survival anime, innocent people are killed, there are monsters, battle royales, violence, and danger at every turn. It’s one hell of an Entertainment if you like Survival … Read more

Most Popular Slice Of Life Anime Every Fan Needs To Check Out

There is definitely something very intriguing about witnessing the small moments from everyday life getting portrayed on the screen. In a story whose genre is all about a slice of life, we witness the characters who are pretty similar to us. We acknowledge the fact that they, too, are going through the ordinary struggles of … Read more