WBD no booth non-shocker; giant Jim Lee bags; MCU in Hall H

The first San Diego Comic-Con in three years is actually happening in 2022 – and it’s happening in just three weeks. Normally we’d be neck deep in planning but because everything is kind of cautiously chugging up to speed, everyone is still a little behind. But some of the big news is coming out, and … Read more

Eisners and Tigers and Lee – Oh Si The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Awards TDC Updates: Eisners and Tigers and Lee – Oh Si Zoe Si Recognized (pronounced “see” despite the cute headline) Zoe has become the toast of Vancouver after being named a Pulitzer Prize finalist earlier this month. The Vancouver Sun did a small article about the local girl made good. Two … Read more

Whatever Happened to … Bill Lee The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Cartoonist Whatever Happened to … Bill Lee Bill Lee was a well-known magazine and syndicated newspaper cartoonist from the 1970s to,well, whenever. Said Allan Holtz: Cartoonist Bill Lee was one of the crop of excellent new gag cartoonists to come out of the 1970s, a time when cartoons about battling spouses and … Read more

Up to 75% Off Everything, Midtown exc Joker 80th Anniversary #1 by Inhyuk Lee, Spider-Woman #1, DCeased « Midtown Comics

Welcome back to an exhilarating week of comics!We’ve got some mighty Marvel #1’s this week with Spider-Woman #1, Outlawed #1and 2020 Iron Age #1. And dynamic DC has some landmarks with Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Super Spectacular and Titans Giant #1. And what would these awesome new comics be without our signings coming up? … Read more