SKYSET KNIGHTS, IN A WORD TRANS, and 3 more campaigns we love

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat‘s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! It’s June (Happy Pride!), so the focus of this week’s crowdfunding round-up is “Be an Ally, Support Queer Comics.” With that in mind, this week we’ve got five projects featuring LGBTQIA+ creators and characters, from NSFW poly romance comics to an LGBTQ adaptation of … Read more

ONE BAD DAY one-shot series spotlights the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery

Yesterday was One Bad Day for comics trying to keep up with DC Comics. From Noon to 7PM Eastern, the publisher announced via social media a series of new Batman one-shots all subtitled “One Bad Day,” with each book focused on the character’s iconic villains. The one-shots, which feature characters from Two-Face to The Penguin … Read more

The Dragon Knight’s Beloved Vol. 1 [Manga Review]

Dragons Galore Mangaka : Akito Ito, Asagi Orikawa, and Ritsu Aozaki Publisher : Seven Seas Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo / Josei Published : January 11, 2022 When it comes to majestic beasts, dragons are almost always the first to come to mind. They are, after all, towering creatures that dominate the skies. Oh, and … Read more