Episode 12 – Love of Kill

How would you rate episode 12 ofLove of Kill ? Community score: 3.5 Given the sheer amount of weight this final episode needed to carry, I must admit I’m a little bit conflicted. I kinda knew going in that there was no way this episode was going to tie up the present-day plot thread of … Read more

How The Staff of Love of Kill Brought the Action Romcom Manga to Life

Love of Kill first began as a pixiv manga with the premise of “two assassins find love together.” ANN spoke to original creator Fe about how the story evolved in its transition to a print serialization. We also spoke to the anime’s director Hideaki Obaseries composition writer Ayumu Hisaoand character designer Yoko Sato about how … Read more

Why Batman Doesn’t Kill | DC

As I’ve written before, Batman never kills. That’s pretty much his whole deal. Paradoxically, while Gotham City is the home of the most dangerous urban criminals in all of fiction, the man who stands between them and the dawn is one who steadfastly refuses to ever take a life. You know…except for the times he … Read more

Why Did Yujiro Hanma Kill Baki Hanma’s Mother in Baki The Grappler?

When it comes down to amazing fight scenes, the anime industry doesn’t have any dearth of legendary anime with overpowered characters and well-executed fight scenes. Even so, one of the best, if not the best anime that always makes it to the top of the recommendation list is none other than the Baki series. An … Read more