ReedPop announces new pop culture journalism site, The Popverse

Popverse EIC Chris Arrant ReedPop has just launched the Popverse, a new pop culture site led by editor in chief Chris Arrant. Popverse is also a rebranding of the Metaverse, ReedPop’s previous iteration of a website to cover various fandoms. (ReedPop got there first in 2020, but the term “Metaverse” is glued to Facebook and … Read more

The Serious Business of Journalism The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Editorial cartooning CSotD: The Serious Business of Journalism American/Palestinian Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot and killed yesterday while covering an Israeli Defense Force raid on a Palestinian neighborhood with a significant militant presence. Moroccan cartoonist Derkaoui Abdellah (Cartoon Movement) offers a simple commentary, with her blood symbolizing the cutting off of … Read more