Industry Reacts to Anime Supremacy! Live-Action Film – Interest

Staff for the live-action adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura‘s Anime Supremacy! (Haken Anime!) novel held a special animation industry preview screening on May 10. Approximately 200 people from the Japanese animation industry, from directors to animators, attended the screening and have shared their impressions on social media while others wrote their thoughts on an oversized banner … Read more

Agora Offers Tips For Successful Leadership In The Animation Industry

Agora Studio is a global network of professional artists which provides freelancing services to studios around the world. The company’s stated mission is “To close the gap between freelancers and studios, empowering artists to work remotely on inspiring projects and provide efficient solutions for production needs.” To that end, we asked Agora to put together … Read more

Manga’s Growth In Popularity Is Here To Stay, Industry Leaders Predict

It has been over two years since My Hero Academy landed a spot as the first manga to crack the top three in the New York Time’s best-selling graphic books list. Since then, manga has continued holding its place among the top of the list – with My Hero Academy, Jujutsu Kaisenand Chainsaw Man All … Read more

Creators offer advice on supporting diversity in the comics industry

By Joanne Saunders During a panel yesterday at WonderCon, a panel composed of creators engaged in acting, writing, and creating in the comic industry gave their advice on why it is essential to have diversity in the industry and how to take action to create work product and support others in that endeavors. The panelists … Read more

Anime Industry Report Editor: 2021 Was a Year of Recovery – Interest

Anime Industry Report editorial supervisor Hiromichi Masuda held a presentation at AnimeJapan on Monday to describe current animation business trends. The seminar on information from the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA)’s Anime Industry Report 2021, but also briefly touched on how the situation has changed since 2020. Although Masuda mentioned that the numbers for 2021 … Read more