If You Love Literature and Violence, Gimme a Hell Yeah—Hibiki: How to Become a Novelist

Hibiki: How to Become a Novelist is one of my favorite manga of the past few years. Sure, it doesn’t have the mind-blowing thrills or soul-reverberating energy of other works. The art is also decidedly mediocre. But what Hibiki does have is ridiculous humor, unpredictability, and a protagonist I would describe as “spiritually akin to … Read more

What the Hell is Going On in Estab Life? – This Week in Anime

ESTAB LIFE: Great Escape defies explanation. A penguin Eastern bloc, a slime girl obsessed with underpants, and not an iota of sense in sight. Steve and Nick try to make sense of this entertainingly incoherent mess of a show. This series is streaming on Crunchyroll Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the participants in … Read more

Benji Nate’s HELL PHONE has frazzled friends looking for clues

Hell Phone Book One Written and drawn by Benji NatePublisher: Silver Sprocket Fun outfits. Bad behavior. Real feelings. es, it’s a murder mystery paranormal detective story, but the sleuths this time are juvenile delinquents. Not the kind that hot rod or carry switchblades. They’re the fucked up friends of today! Racing stripe joggers and ripped … Read more