Shueisha Removes Web Manga About Children Born Into Religion Following Alleged Backlash From Happy Science – Interest

The Weekly Flash magazine reported on its website and April 19 issue that Shueisha removed Mariko Kikuchi‘s “Kami-sama” no Iru Ie de Sodachimashita ~Shūkyō 2-Sei na Watashi-tachi~ (A Home Life With God ~We Children Born Into Religion~) manga from the Yomitai web media platform in February, following an alleged backlash from the controversial religious organization … Read more

My Happy Marriage Volume 1 Light Novel Review

Miyo’s parents were forced to marry in hopes that merging two influential psychological (Gifted) families would yield a powerful child. Miyo’s father, Shinichi, reluctantly broke up with his lover, Kanoko, and his resentment only grew when Miyo was born without Spirit-Sight, let alone other abilities. After his wife’s death, he promptly married his old girlfriend, … Read more