DC Announces New Original Young Adult Graphic Novels for Spring 2023

DC Announces New Original Young Adult Graphic Novels for Spring 2023 Three New Takes on Fan Favorite Characters Next spring, DC will debut three new titles, with new takes on familiar characters! DC’s Young Adult line continues to expand what a Super Hero looks like, and what it means to be a friend, be yourself, … Read more

How To Turn An Animation Screenplay Into A Graphic Novel

Turning a comic or graphic novel into an animated project is a fairly common pathway, but far more rare is taking a finished screenplay for an animated feature and reenvisioning it in print form. That’s exactly what filmmaker and Bloop Animation Studios founder Morr Meroz decided to do with his new project Snowlands. In this … Read more

Alek Shrader talks adapting CARMEN as a graphic novel

Georges Bizet‘s Carmen is one of the most famous works of theater in history. Now the Arizona Opera is looking to bring the story of Carmen, Don José, Escamillo, and the rest to a wider, non-theater-going audience in a new medium: comics. The company has announced Carmen: The Graphic Novela comic book adaptation of the … Read more

AMC Networks Publishing launches with graphic novels, Stephen King, Kirk Hammett and more

As long as I’ve been writing the Beat, I’ve heard rumors of TV networks starting their own comics lines to cheaply (sprry) generate IP in-house. (Remember when Netflix was going to start a comics line because they signed up Millarworld?) It’s never quite happened that way yet, but AMC Networks Publishing might just be the … Read more

THE GOLDEN CITY OF EYES graphic novel from Abrams ComicArts

A few months back in his Jinxworld newsletter, comics writer Brian Michael Bendis teased a multi-book deal with artist André Lima Araújo and a major book-market publisher. Details were finally revealed today of the deal, with Bendis and Araújo having signed a three-book deal with Abrams ComicArts. The first book, which arrives this September, will … Read more

Spiritbox & Z2 Comics’s new graphic novel lets you speak with the dead

Z2 Comics has announced Eternal Blue: A Spiritbox Graphic Novel, a new graphic novel collaboration with the Canadian metal band Spiritbox. Based on the band’s 2021 debut album Eternal Bluethe graphic novel is co-written by the band and Jim Kruegerwith art by Amilcar Pinna and Trionna Farrell. No letterer was named in the announcement. Justin … Read more

20% Off All Graphic Novels, new Midtown Comics location, Cable #1, new Star Wars #1, X-Men #8, signed Wolverine #1 and Marvels X #1 « Midtown Comics

Welcome back to a wild week of comics!This week we’ve got some great titles dropping from some wonderfully morally gray characters to match the equally gray weather like Cable #1, Marvel’s Silver Surfer #1, Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 & Sub-Mariner Marvel’s Snapshot #1! If you’re looking to get out and get some fresh gray … Read more