The Sandman’s Johanna Constantine Is More Than a Gender Swap

There’s a lot to love in the new adaptation of The Sandman on Netflix: the practically perfect casting of Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death and Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer. The gorgeous, dreamlike visuals. Baby gargoyle “Girving.” (Protect him at all costs.) But nothing captured my imagination like Johanna Constantine, played by Jenna … Read more

AI: The Somnium Files Creator Has Some Profound Thoughts on Gender Identity – Interest

Zero Escape and AI: The Somnium Files writer and director Kōtarō Uchikoshi took to Twitter recently with a bit of trivia about the gender identity of one of the minor characters in his latest game, AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana Initiative. *Note: This article contains minor spoilers for AI: The Somnium Files – Nirvana … Read more

Gender Politics The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Editorial cartooning CSotD: Gender Politics Given that Kansas promotes itself as the “Land of Ahs” — with or without that apostrophe — it’s hardly surprising that cartoonists capitalized on the connection to Frank Baum’s book or, more accurately, the classic 1939 movie based on it, in discussing the vote to preserve reproductive … Read more