Episode 8 – Healer Girl

How would you rate episode 8 ofHealer Girl ? Community score: 4.2 I feel safe saying Reimi has been the MVP carrying this show. Kana’s a perfectly nice protagonist and Hibiki functions fine in a group context, but outside of Sonia, it was the blonde-and-blue disaster girl providing the necessary energy to keep this musical … Read more

Episode 35 – Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These – Collision

I’m not going to fully attribute the seeming upswing in the stylings of Legend of the Galactic Heroes to this episode’s opening showcase of the Rosen Ritter just going to town on Imperial forces with their axes, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Doesn’t hurt me, that is, for the Imperials it almost certainly stings a … Read more

Episode 9 – Ya Boy Kongming!

Much like the previous episode, this week’s episode of Hey Boy Kongming! barely features Ya Boy. He only appears briefly to sashay away from observing Kabe formally finding himself under a bridge with his old amateur rap-mates, and pops in at the very end having apparently been hiding within a mascot costume during the whole … Read more

Episode 8 – Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness

Maybe I’m missing something or just being an unreasonable pain-in-the-ass about this, but I’m having trouble seeing how Nagomu and Kanoko broke up over a “misunderstanding.” Even with this week’s flashback to give us more context, it feels less like Kanoko didn’t understand what Nagomu was asking and more was giving him some sort of … Read more

Episode 8 – Ya Boy Kongming!

Continuing along with the quest kicked off last week, things might seem a bit more low-key, comparatively, for Hey Boy Kongming! in this episode. The titular tactician is actually barely barely in this episode, shown to be consciously hanging back from overtly coaching his performers. Instead things stay focused following Kabe’s journey realizing what kind … Read more

Episode 6 – Dance Dance Danseur

Hey everybody, welcome back to the dance drama of my dreams. Things have been a little crazy around ANN editorial; We’re in the midst of the Spring Manga Preview Guide this week, but I want to touch on this slightly more mellow episode follow-up to five’s big dance performance. We are entering a “training arc” … Read more