Episode 12 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

“Companies don’t necessarily stay the same forever” is the wisdom dispensed as Miss Kuroitsu and the Monster Development crew sit on the precipice of potential change here in this final episode of the show. Superhero stories like the ones this show riffs on are usually built on some sort of stock status quo, but everything … Read more

Episode 10 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

The rotating cast of famous toku actors taking turns at Miss Kuroitsu‘s opening narration has been one of its more endearing referential gags. I haven’t made a point of calling it out, because I don’t want these reviews to primarily consist of noting references, and half the fun of that stuff in a show like … Read more

Episode 9 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

It must be a sign of how thoroughly toku-poisoned my brain is that I didn’t even consider the extremely obvious place this week’s episode of Miss Kuroitsu was going with all its talk of aquatic aptitude assessments for monsters. Instead, I could only think of the horror stories about how some of those rubber suits … Read more

DC Announces The Milestone Talent Development Program Participants

DC Announces Class of Comic Book Creators to Participate in The Milestone Initiative Talent Development Program With an Aim to Elevate Diverse Comic Book Storytellers, DC, WarnerMedia, Milestone Media and Ally Kick-off 10-Week Immersive Training Course in March Contributors Include DC’s Jim Lee, WarnerMedia’s Karen Horne, Milestone’s Denys Cowan and Instructors From The Kubert School … Read more

Episode 8 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

Miss Kuroitsu has proven to be a pretty hit-or-miss show, but thankfully, this week’s entry comes off as one of the successful ones. And I’m thoroughly convinced it’s Megastus who is the secret sauce. The dude is basically the walking embodiment of a single great joke, that of a villainous commander actually being an excellent, … Read more

Episode 7 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

It’s that obligatory question for a workplace comedy to answer: what do these characters do when they’re not at work? And so this week’s Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department sends its cast out for drinks, and then catches up afterwards for their day off. It’s a staple setup that fits with the office-show … Read more

Episode 6 – Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department

After I last week that Miss Kuroitsu was tacitly moving away from continuous tokusatsu riffs in favor of more real-world business culture commentary, of course This week’s episode jumps right back into the spandex-clad special-effects side of its spectrum. That’s fine with me; I spent far less of my life working in an office than … Read more

Bloom County Animated Series In Development For Fox

As this nation’s largest Bloom County fan, this is the newspost I’ve been waiting to write my entire career. *takes deep breath* Here goes. Fox’s animation studio, Bento Box Entertainment, is teaming up with Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed to create an animated TV adaptation of his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip. Breathed will executive produce … Read more