Episode 11 – Dance Dance Danseur

I capped off the previous episode with no idea that this week would be the finale. It didn’t feel like much of a stopping point for a show like this. I some there would still be another stage performance to close out the drama and cement Jumpei’s aspirations, whether that’s to follow the Oikawa or … Read more

Episode 10 – Dance Dance Danseur

I’m currently mad at a bunch of children thanks a very emotional entry in Dance Dance Dancer‘s canon where literally no one comes out of it with what they want. Shifting the perspective to Miyako (and near the end, Luou) was a welcome change but paired with an extended flashback and little breathing room for … Read more

Dance Dance Danseur Takes the Stage: The 540 Kick and Other

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Episode 7 – Dance Dance Danseur

Jumpei and Luou’s experiences at ballet camp continue, but with a new attitude in place, both might get more out of it than they initially imagined. Jumpei is newly humbled by his conversation with the pianist in last week’s episode and this week we see he’s become somewhat of a project for his current instructor … Read more

Episode 6 – Dance Dance Danseur

Hey everybody, welcome back to the dance drama of my dreams. Things have been a little crazy around ANN editorial; We’re in the midst of the Spring Manga Preview Guide this week, but I want to touch on this slightly more mellow episode follow-up to five’s big dance performance. We are entering a “training arc” … Read more

Let’s Face The Comics and Dance The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic strips CSotD: Let’s Face The Comics and Dance I’m sure Tony Carrillo drew today’s F-Minus (AMS) some time ago, but it sure couldn’t have dropped at a better time. For my part, three days of analyzing Alito leaves me eager to be uninformed for at least a little while, and, BTW, … Read more

Episodes 1-3 – Dance Dance Danseur

Dance Dance Dancer isn’t going to work for everyone. The anime does a staggeringly impressive job of adapting the art of manga creator George Asakura, a style characterized by heavy-lidded eyes that give all the characters an almost dreamy-like quality. It’s uncharacteristic of most character designs we see in anime right now and expect viewers … Read more