AfterShock and Women of Color Unite team on ANIMUS

Clockwise from top left: Stephanie Johnson, Manon de Reeper, Michelle Wilens, LC Cruell, Natasha M. Hall, Joël René Scoville, and Diandra Pendleton-Thompson Aftershock Comics has teamed up with social action organization Women of Color Unite (WOCU) for ANIMUS, a new graphic novel created by women of color with diverse voices and unique writing styles. It’s … Read more

These Are The Demands Of Color Designers, Story Artists, And Timing Directors

Writers have been at the forefront of the campaign for better terms. They have reiterated their demand to be paid as much as live-action writers in a new video, in which many prominent creators and showrunners endorse the campaign: In our new video campaign, dozens of animation workers and allies speak out for a #NewDeal4Animation. … Read more