RECAP: Riverdale S6E15 – Chapter 110

This week’s Riverdale starts with some backstory into Heather’s (Caroline Day) life. For anyone not in the know, Heather is Cheryl’s (Madeline Petsch) junior high school crush, reintroduced in last week’s episode. Heather’s mom died shortly after they moved to Greendale. My money is on Heather having killed her. Am I a distrustful person or … Read more

RECAP: Riverdale S6E14: Chapter 109

Riverdale begins with Jughead (Cole Sprouse) organizing his comic collection at the coffee table, and it is painful to watch. Jughead, treat those books a little gentler! He’s just tossing them around, unbagged and unboarded. Make it stop. When ArchieKJ Apa) runs into Percival Pickins (Chris O’Shea) and his new apprentice Darth Reggie (Charles Melton), … Read more

RECAP: Riverdale – S6E6 – Chapter 101: Unbelievable

Three months after the conclusion of the 5-part Rivervale event, Riverdale is back to continue season 6, picking up directly where season 5 ended. Like previous seasons, I find myself asking how is Riverdale going to top itself? Rivervale gave us a dark mirror world. Now that we’re back in regular, old Riverdale, how will … Read more

What Is Love?: Hashikko Ensemble, Chapter 46

Jin is on one heck of an emotional arc in Hashikko EnsembleChapter 46. Summary The girls of the Chorus Appreciation Society (plus Yukina and Yumerun) start on their Valentine’s Day mini-concert—Kozue’s idea for bringing Jin out of his musical funk. But within himself, all he can seem to hear are their flaws. Still, while they’re … Read more

Settling the Score: Hashikko Ensemble, Final Chapter

48 chapters later, friends compete for the first time in this conclusion to Hashikko Ensemble. Summary It’s shortly after the start of the new school year at Hashimoto Tech, and all the clubs are presenting to recruit first-years. While the freshmen predictably look a little too rough-and-tumble to sing chorus/glee-style, Jin declares his confidence that … Read more