The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Vol. 1 [Manga Review]

The Dashing Jeweler Who Solves Your Mundane Mysteries Mangaka : Tsugimura, Nanako (Story); Akatsuki, Mikka (Art) Publisher : Seven Seas Genre : Drama, Mystery, Slice-of-life, Josei Published : March 2022 One of the best things about seinen and josei manga is the fact that they often feature stories about people who work in real-life professions. … Read more

Episode 20 – Case Study of Vanitas Season 2

The French and Japanese (English) titles for these episodes don’t always compliment each other, but this one is spot on: the French, “mal d’amour,” translates to “lovesick,” while the other title is “incurable disease” .” That certainly reflects the way that Vanitas feels about his emotions where Jeanne is concerned – like he’s contracted the … Read more

Seven Seas Licenses The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Novels – News

Hunting in Another World With My Elf Wife, I Get the Feeling That Nobukuni-san Likes Me manga also licensed Seven Seas Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it has licensed The case files of Jeweler Richard light novels, the Hunting in Another World With My Elf Wife manga, and the I Get the Feeling That Nobukuni-san … Read more

Ryoko’s Case File Streaming – Review

Despite an original airing date of 2008, Ryoko’s Case File is just now getting a legal English release, streaming on RetroCrush as of this writing. Based on a series of light novels by Yoshiki Tanaka Published between 1996 and 2007, the story follows police superintendent/inspector Ryoko Yakushiji as she investigates a variety of odd cases … Read more