The Five Most Unsettling Things About Aquaman: Andromeda

Somewhere in the South Pacific, the vessel Esperanza sails toward uncertainty. Its secret mission? To investigate and observe a bizarre signal emitting from the bottom of the sea. A team is dispatched from the ship in an experimental submarine—the Andromeda—to discover the source below…but they’re not alone. Whatever it is, it’s also calling to the … Read more

AQUAMAN ANDROMEDA BOOK ONE is the best Aquaman comic in years

Aquaman Andromeda Book One Writer: Ram V.Artist: Christian WardLetter: Aditya BidikarCover Artist: Christian WardPublisher: DC Comics More DC Comics’ characters are starting to get the prestige Black Label treatment as the imprint expands further past Batman and Batman-adjacent characters. This expansion has in recent months involved some of my favorite (and some of the most … Read more