‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch Shares Notes From Disney S&P

One last treat. Ever curious about the fights I had with the censors on Gravity Falls? I probably shouldn’t share this buttttt here are some REAL NOTES from DISNEY S&P and my REAL REPLIES. You are not prepared #10YearsOfGravityFalls pic.twitter.com/EioKU8gIJJ — Alex Hirsch (@_AlexHirsch) June 16, 2022 Here are a few of our favorite exchanges … Read more

Superman & Lois’s Alex Garfin Balances Heroism and High School

What would it be like to be a teenage superhero? Would it be fun? Exciting? A nice boost to your confidence? It’s got to be pretty great to be able to speed-read your textbooks, fly wherever you need to go and know that you’ll never have to worry about bullies, right? Maybe, but we suspect … Read more