Amazon Prime Adds English Dubs of 4 Shin-chan Spin-off Anime – News

Aliens vs. Shinnosuke, Crayon Shin-chan Side Story Toy Wars, Crayon Shin-chan: Lone Wolf and Family, Crayon Shin-chan: OOO-No Shinnosuke Amazon Prime added all four seasons of the Shin-chan Spin-off (Crayon Shin-chan Gaiden) anime series. The following series are available on the service with an English dub: Aliens vs. Shinnosuke (Crayon Shin-chan Gaiden: Alien vs. Shinnosuke) … Read more

Love Live! Superstar!! Group Liella! Adds 4 New Members – News

The official website for the Love Live! idol franchise announced four new characters for “Liella!” the main idol group of the Love Live! Superstar!! part of the franchiseon April 28. The site unveiled a new visual and profile details for the characters, but did not reveal cast members for them. The new characters include: Kinako … Read more

Mangamo Adds Robustness, Dungeon Battle Royale, Ultra-Fem Shishihara-kun, Ghost Story Loop Manga – News

Mangamo announced on Friday that it has added the following four manga to its service between January-February: Title: Robustness – Road to OlympiaCreators: Yoshiyuki Satо̄Summary: A tale of two brothers from ancient Greece, Grenos and Horos, trained together in the ways of Pankration — a martial art combining boxing and wrestling, considered the toughest sport … Read more