Plenty of action but not enough heart

For every Inside Out or Soul that breaks new ground in the art form with innovative storytelling, Pixar inevitably churns out more standard commercial fare like Cars 2 or Monsters University. In the case of Lightyearit falls somewhere between the two. Perhaps to address some of the confusion regarding how Lightyear connects to the original … Read more

WIND BREAKER, Vol 1 [Manga] Review – Shounen Action Perfected; Anime Adaptation Now, Please!

[ad_top1 class=””] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”twitter” url=”” ] Shounen Action Perfected; Anime Adaptation Now, Please! Mangaka : Nii Satoru Publisher : Kodansha Genre : Action, Comedy, School Life, Shounen Published : April 2022 — Present It’s a surreal experience to read and review a manga, turning each page, knowing that you’re witnessing the birth … Read more

BLACKEST NIGHT action figures from McFarlane Toys available for pre-order

McFarlane Toys has unveiled four Blackest Night Build-A figures available today for pre-order. This wave of figures features Kyle Rayner, Superman, Batman, and Deathstorm are based on their look in the comic arc Blackest Night. Each figure includes 1 of 4 pieces that when combined with the rest of the Blackest Night Build-a line will … Read more

How The Staff of Love of Kill Brought the Action Romcom Manga to Life

Love of Kill first began as a pixiv manga with the premise of “two assassins find love together.” ANN spoke to original creator Fe about how the story evolved in its transition to a print serialization. We also spoke to the anime’s director Hideaki Obaseries composition writer Ayumu Hisaoand character designer Yoko Sato about how … Read more

Top 5 Action Anime of 2021

[ad_top1 class=”mb40″] [sourceLink asin=”” asin_jp=”” cdj_product_id=”” text=”” url=”” ] Action anime is pretty easy to define, usually focusing on intense, massive storylines. A major portion of them is the fighting. If there’s a focus on scenes of heavy fighting and crazy-high action, you’ve got an action anime on your hands! This list’s selections focused on … Read more