STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION Holds Mini Virtual Concert Commemorating the Release of STEREO DIVE 02 Album Official Concert Report

What You Need to Know:

  • STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION, a sound-making project by RON, held an online “mini-live” concert to commemorate their album STEREO DIVE 02. This was a special concert streamed only to those who purchased the STEREO DIVE 02 album released in April 2022. At the concert, RON performed for the first time ever, the full version of “TRISTAR (Japanese ver. -Muv-Luv mix-),” which will be available for streaming starting July 13. In the STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION fashion, he delivered a stylish and visually rich video experience to his viewers.
  • While the camera slider, reminiscent of a catapult, was capturing the stage, the instrumental version of the song “#02” resounded throughout the venue. Visual noise and flames were being projected one after another on the LED video walls placed at the back end of the stage. When the song ended, for a split second viewers caught a glimpse of RON’s silhouette behind them. From that rousing opening, the next song, “ALPHA,” started. Behind the LEDs displaying all kinds of geometric patterns, RON raised his mic in the air and jumped out on stage singing. This time around he is performed without any bandmates. With just two synthesizers, a laptop, and a peripheral device, it was a rather simple setup. However, the production team that colored the stage was packing a powerful punch. Lasers seemingly everywhere, lighting that is in perfect sync with the music’s intricate rhythms and phrases, and camera angles that cut away from RON from practically every direction—the front, diagonal, right beside him, overhead, at his feet, and beneath the gated stage. And on top of that, the speedy camera work, including the 360° angle cameras, blended seamlessly together. At a glance, the screen was so overwhelming that it was hard to grasp what was happening. There were certain aspects of the performance that I really wanted to keep looking back at, but with the tremendous amount of visual information that was coming through my screen, and the intense and uptempo electronic sounds, I was completely swept away. It was impossible not to get excited!
  • To further heighten everyone’s excitement, the song fades directly into “TRISTAR (Japanese ver. -Muv-Luv mix-).” This song will be featured as the opening theme song to the TV anime Muv-Luv Alternative, which began rebroadcasting in July. It’s a rearranged version of the song “TRISTAR” that was used in the original broadcast as the ending theme song. Although the cool and comfortable vibe of the original song and its melody were kept as is, I was taken aback by the faster tempo and how it transformed into a heavy and uplifting song. While taking everything in, two dancers came out on stage and performed together with RON When the outro came, he tapped out beats on his sampler, taking the song to even greater heights and sending everyone to cloud nine
  • The highlights didn’t stop there though. The powerful and masterful lighting added different expressions to the refreshing and light dance pop sound of “STORYSEEKER.” Following that was “Neon Soda,” where the LED backdrops displayed bubbles and the disco balls fixed under the grated stage reflected the lights in every direction, brilliantly coloring the hedonistic dance music.
  • So far the set list has been structured to keep excitement high, but as RON transitioned into the next song, that feverish excitement was calmed by the sound of rain as we heard the beginnings of the ballad “Daisy.” I was stunned by the breathtaking beauty of the carefully calculated beams of light and afterimages, as well as the LED backdrops that made it appear as if RON were singing in a downpour of rain. Then at last, we arrive at the final number of the mini-concert, “Pianissimo.” During the first bars of the song, RON addressed the viewers and said, “I’ll see you at a live venue next time.” Fittingly enough, he played the electric keyboard for this number—an emotional song with a slightly more upbeat tempo. As he earnestly performed in grayscale, the stage gradually tinged with color until it was enveloped in the vivid colors of the rainbow, creating a dramatic ending.
  • The rearranged version of “TRISTAR (Japanese ver. -Muv-Luv mix-)” that was unveiled at this mini-concert will be included in the digital release of the EP “TRISTAR (Complete Collection)” on July 13, 2022.
  • The original concert report (Japanese ver.) was written by Tetsuo Yamaguchi.
  • Performance Overview

    STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION Album Release Commemoration

    Streaming dates: June 25, 2022 6:30PM – July 1, 2022 11:59PM
    Event: Mini-concert

    Set list

    01. #02
    02. ALPHA
    03. TRISTAR (Japanese ver. -Muv-Luv mix-)
    05. Neon Soda
    06. Daisy
    07. Pianissimo

    STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s 2nd album STEREO DIVE 02 is out now on all streaming platforms!

    Stereo-Dive-Foundation-560x315 STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION Holds Mini Virtual Concert Commemorating the Release of STEREO DIVE 02 Album Official Concert Report

    Opening Theme Song EP for TV Anime Muv-Luv Alternative

    “TRISTAR (Complete Collection)”

    Stereo-Dive-Foundation-560x315 STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION Holds Mini Virtual Concert Commemorating the Release of STEREO DIVE 02 Album Official Concert Report

    July 13, 2022 Digital Release

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