Nonon’s Otaku Theater: Spring Anime 2022, Week 3

I said last week that I decided not to cover Spy x Family for Otaku Theater. Well I think I underestimated how much the show has taken off. This might perhaps all be a result of Crunchyroll’s promoting the heck out of it though. As I also said last week, it’s a 2-cour show, and I really don’t feel like covering them anymore for the column.

As for what I’ve got for the Spring season, well now we’re a few episodes in shows, we’re past the opening episode hype, and it’s time to make some real decisions on whether they are decent watches or not, and to be honest, with these third episodes, I’m not 100% sure what to think.

The Demon Girl Next Door season 2 Episode 3

Okay so perhaps I am beginning to nitpick this second season of The Demon Girl Next Door a little, because after episode 3, I’ve begun to slowly feel some frustration…over all sorts of things. Right now the story is still operating on Momo trying to right the wrongs of her older sister, who is still missing, and Shamiko trying to be useful. Well we see this week how much of a brick she really is, as she only just realizes that the internet is a thing. She says she wants to know Momo’s social media platforms so she can watch over her from a distance, when we all know the truth that she just wants to know more about her. But with Momo being Momo, she is still shutting herself away from people.

The Demon Girl Next Door
The Demon Girl Next Door

Now that’s something I’m not really frustrated about; On the contrary, in fact. I like the idea that Shamiko is poking at her to get her to show some genuine emotion, and that this is something that is an ongoing thing in this season. So I think that some of my frustration is coming from the fact that it sometimes feels like plot points of the show have just been thrown together. Strange how I didn’t feel like this when I watched season 1, so was this something that always existed and I just didn’t notice? I mean both Shamiko and Momo are a fun couple, and suit each other perfectly. In addition to this, I really like the ongoing story of the show. I think that it has been the small but frequent tangents it goes on that is making me feel this way. Also, the onscreen text that we see pretty much everywhere in the show has become off-putting – I mean really off-putting.

Another ongoing thing we see in the story is that both Shamiko and Momo want to get to know each other better, and this is something that is very evident to see. Back when I reviewed season 1, the style of short and sharp humor it had something that made me pause a little, as I was expecting something else. And so now that same style of humor is back, it feels like this sequel season hasn’t really given me anything that I haven’t seen already. The ongoing story feels like it’s progressing at a very slow pace, meaning all the little tangents the show goes on take precedent.

The Demon Girl Next Door

It is frustrating, and I’m now at the point where I know that the rest of the show will not be any different. I suppose I’m just going to have to do my best and try and keep up with everything that goes on.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War season 3 Episode 3

Meanwhile over in the Kaguya-sama camp, we reach the point that seems to be what the third season will primarily be about – similar to what we had in season 2 where they had the student council elections and we met Miko for the first time.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Well every school comedy with romance elements has to have some kind of third wheel, right? And here she is: Kaguya’s second cousin (twice removed), Maki Shijo.

Maki has actually appeared in the show before, but only in passing or as someone walking around the school grounds. This week though is where she is introduced properly, and oh boy is she a character herself. She has been told by her parents that she is a child prodigy and a direct descendant of the Shinomiya bloodline. As we see in this episode, she certainly behaves like she is Kaguya; clearly something in the Shinomiya genes or something.

Anyway, Maki seems not to be the kind of third wheel that we see in so many shows, as while Miyuki does call her cute, he doesn’t feel anything else. So as we see more of Maki in future episodes, it will be more like her trying to outdo her second cousin (twice removed) and attempting to take Miyuki’s heart…which she won’t succeed in, of course. Being an anime-only person though, I don’t know if she’ll become more of a comedy character than anything more serious. Even still, a new ‘main’ character has been introduced, and while I don’t see her joining the Student Council in the same way that Miko did (she and Kaguya do not get on in real life one bit), it will be Interesting to see what Kaguya’s reactions will be like, as she is so incredibly naïve in love that she’ll think that her second cousin (twice removed) is a genuine threat.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War
Kaguya-sama: Love is War

This sequel season of Kaguya-sama has been far more enjoyable and engaging to watch than The Demon Girl Next Door‘s sequel season. As I said earlier, I’m not expecting The Demon Girl Next Door to change or go in some random direction, and so I’m just going to have to find a way to catch up. As for Kaguya-sama, it’s taking a lot more from what season 2 gave us than what we saw in season 1. Not a terrible thing by any means, but it’s making me think on what kind of direction it’ll go in. Something more serious like we had in season 3, or something a lot more comical like in season 1.

Iroduku: The World in Colors Episode 3

Episode 3 of Iroduku gives us some better establishment of the characters, and the Photography and Arts club itself. I really do want to like these dorks in the club a lot, but there’s just this one indescribable thing that’s holding me back. Do they just seem too dull compared to Hitomi herself? I mean I’m not exactly jumping for joy every time Yuito comes into shot, and while both the other girls (Asagi and Kurumi) have a good level of charisma, the other guys just don’t…not yet anyway. Once again I’m reminded of the gang-of-five we saw in another PA Works show, Glasslip; They were all very harmless and decent to watch on screen, but none of them really stood out for me.

Iroduku: The World in Colors

This was also an episode where we see how much Hitomi’s colorblindness has effected her everyday life. As a new student, she is encouraged by the school to find a club, and she is being teased by the dorks to try the Photography and Arts club. Of course her being colorblind presents many troubles; Being unable to distinguish colors when drawing and painting, and as we see in one scene, where she picks up the wrong magic sand in a photo shoot and lands in the school pool.

I do think after seeing episode 3 that character development is going to get better. I still really like how they have presented Hitomi and the problems she’s having right now; she still does not know why her grandmother sent her back in time. I think I might forgive the other guys being as wooden as they are. At least we are teased with the girl who has a crush on the main guy who won’t get the happy ending she wants and deserves. I mean, how can Yuito say no to this face?

Iroduku: The World in Colors
Iroduku: The World in Colors

I’m still having some reservations about the show with all I’ve mentioned. I mean we still have not been told how magic has been so commonplace and accessible in this modern-day story. I am still enjoying Iroduku and am looking forward to what it’ll have in future episodes, and the fact that it didn’t get as much coverage as other PA Works shows is awful. The show began airing on Amazon Video before being moved to HIDIVE, and I believe that the sayings ‘Amazon jail’ or ‘Netflix jail’ (or ‘Disney jail’ now) should be used to talk about shows.

The second season of Komi Can’t Communicate starts soon, so next week’s post will begin my coverage of that. And with the three week delay the show had, my coverage of it will continue on in the Summer season. Oh you’d think that I’d already picked my summer shows even after only episode 3, well for a change that hasn’t been the case. In fact, I’m not even sure where to start when July comes around.

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