Love After World Domination Volume 4 Review

The toughest challenge Fudo and Desumi have faced so far is in this volume. Of course, you’ll have to figure which out of everything will be their toughest scenario. Will it be attempting to get their picture taken at the Kokutei Moon despite the numerous (Anna, Blue Gelato, Beast Princess denying any and all romance, their statuses, etc.) in their way? Will it be defeating a big baby demon that mysteriously looks like a wedding cake ready to be cut in half? Or will it be Fudo getting brought into Desumi’s home by her pops?

Well, the last part actually concludes this volume, so you’ll have to wait on that. For everything else, tune in to find out in Love After World Domination!

What won’t get added to the challenge is the three Princess Series girls becoming babies thanks to Blood Princess, mainly because it’s kinda weird. Granted, it’s totally random and it can be argued it’s a very distinctive personality. For me, it’s not the biggest of deals. For everyone else, probably too distinct a personality. If you saw the anime, it might come a bit too out of left field — initially you just saw Blood Princess, Kira Sanzugawa, being convinced by Desumi to help her fend off Anna as she tries to get her picture taken with Fudo — but in the manga, she makes her first appearance in this volume. And then after the festival concludes, they then launch into the Red Gelato book signing arc, which then leads to the supposed nurse of the school doing everything she can to nurse in a not-so-normal manner.

(At least Judgment Princess got her time to shine in the anime! Despite reversing the chapter order.)

But yes, the school festival arc concludes with the most adorkable characters coming up with a solution that would never work in reality, but it does because everyone’s a cosplayer here! Guess love can find solutions after all. The next couple chapters end up challenging Desumi and Fudo’s relationship — you would think the cutting of a wedding cake for a commercial wouldn’t be so dramatic, but Haru ends up pointing out to Fudo, who agreed to take part, that doing so feels a bit wrong. Note…that’s far from the only dramatic event in this chapter, since a Gekko creation goes haywire, which then leads said creation to wreck havoc elsewhere, challenge Gelato 5, and…even force the Gekko baddies to defeat it!?!?

Something sweet basically happens due to the situation, and I hope it gets replayed on broadcasts for generations to come at some point in this series!

The last chapter involves Green Gelato Daigo thinking he can repress his memories of Desumi, but he can’t. He even tries to go back to his hometown to escape her…unbeknownst to him, she does the same thing, but brings Fudo! Daigo soon goes through the ebbs and flows of his past haunting him but realizes the present Desumi is actually being a very sweet girl. Will he finally overcome his old scars and stop being scared of her? Maybe when she doesn’t challenge him to a match is when that’ll happen! I still kinda wonder what would happen if he ever did face off against her as the Reaper Princess, but of course, everything is set up for that to never happen!

Anyways, one thing that continues to draw me back to this series is the over-the-top pairing between hero and villain, the sentai tropes being parodied, and the sometimes cute and hilarious art. I do wish we could see more development of Yellow and Blue Gelato rather than their current personalities, but for a series like this, it can get away with it. Anyways, whenever volume 5 comes out, we’ll have to see how Mudo meets Desumi’s family! I’m sure there will be no pressure at all! None whatsoever!

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