Kodansha Comics Publishes ‘Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best!,’ 9 More New Manga in March – News

Kodansha Comics announced on Monday that it will release the following titles digitally in March. The company will provide free chapter one previews of its new manga debuting in English in March.

Title: Having an Idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best!
Creator: Mito Aoi
Debut Date: March 1
Synopsis: Akari Tachibana, and her coworker, Onda-san, are more than just friends…they’re both hardcore idol fans! But when Onda-san confesses to Akari out of the blue, she’s floored. Of course it would be great to date someone with whom she shares so many interests, but can she navigate this new dimension to their relationship?

Title: Apple Children of Aeon
Creator: Ai Tanaka
Debut Date: March 8
Synopsis: Yukinojo doesn’t know his past, but he knows his future—a marriage to Asahi, heir to an apple farm in Aomori. But what should have been a quiet, pastoral life is interrupted one snowy day…and what should have laid dormant was awoken by his naïve hands…

Title: Twilight Out of Focus
Creator: Jyanome
Debut Date: March 1
Synopsis: Second-years Mao Tsuchiya and Hisashi Otomo make three promises: 1) That Mao will never tell anyone that Hisashi is gay and has a boyfriend, 2) That Hisashi will never think of Mao “in that way,” and 3) That they’ll always knock before entering, in case someone is having some “private time.” The two’s ground rules should ensure a peaceful life together in their dorm, but life is never as simple as it should be, and some things are not so easily promised…

Title: Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervious to My Charms
Creator: Ran Kuze
Debut Date: March 8
Synopsis: Mona is the cutest girl in school, and she knows it. In fact, she’s worked hard to make her high school debut successful. But no matter what she does, she can’t seem to catch the eye of stone-cold stoic Medaka Kuroiwa—but she’s not about to give up that easy. Medaka, on the other hand, has been raised at a temple and was told to never become close to women. Who will win in this heated battle of wills?

Title: A Kiss with a Cat
Creator: Miko Senri
Debut Date: March 15
Synopsis: Erina loves cats more than anything, even though she looks like the haughty-princess type who could have any guy she wants. But even with his cat-like name, she can’t stand her aloof classmate, Nekoyama-kun. But when she rescues a hurt kitty in her yard and gives it a perfect, snuggly kiss…she suddenly finds a very human Nekoyama-kun in her room? What gives?!

Title: Piano Duo for the Left Hand
Creator: Kenta Matsuoka
Debut Date: March 15
Synopsis: Shu’s had a rough start to life, and doesn’t think he has much of a future—until fate brings him together with a talented young pianist and fellow student Akari Yuzuki, the girl with the “Angelic Left Hand” for one high- flying adventure. But when tragedy cuts their relationship short, Shu realizes he must find a way to live for them both…and realizes that something is no longer quite right with his own left hand…

Title: Getting Closer to You
Creator: Ruri Kamino
Debut Date: March 22
Synopsis: For Kaho, a man’s muscles are all that matters. She’s sports-agnostic, type-agnostic—all she cares about that are those abs, pecs, biceps and delts look good. She thinks she’s found her perfect Muscle Prince in Natsume-sempai…that is, until he finds out what a muscle-freak she is. But instead of ridiculing her, he instead suggests she becomes manager of the basketball team—the one he just so happens to be on? For a muscle-lover like Kaho, there’s nothing to lose…and everything to gain. By the author of Four Kisses, in Secret!

Title: I’ll Be with Them Again Today
Creator: Nagisa Komugi
Debut Date: March 22
Synopsis: Nao’s mother’s best friend decided to move into the house next door after her divorce, bringing along her son, Kyosuke-kun, who’s around Nao’s age. She couldn’t be more excited when she finds out he’s handsome—more so than his little brother, the reticent Tomoyasu. Nao’s not sure how to handle the excitement of living next to these handsome siblings, but little does she know, the excitement is just getting started…!

Title: Bootsleg
Creator: Suzuhito Yasuda
Debut Date: March 29
Synopsis: At seven years old, Zen’s parents, sister, and his own left leg were swallowed by the mysterious gloved entity only known as Shake Hand. And Zen’s not the only one—in the seven years after, these “gloved hand” incidents have only increased, and others have lost families and limbs, too. But Zen is powerless to do anything about it…until the fateful night his eyes are opened and he once again comes face to face with the mysterious, murderous Shake Hand—and the artisan syndicate sworn to stop him, known as Bootsleg! An oversized, action-packed new series from the author of Yozakura Quartet!

Title: HIRAETH -The End of the Journey-
Creator: Yuhki Kamatani
Debut Date: March 29
Synopsis: After the death of her best friend, Mika is determined to follow her into the grave. But her suicide attempt introduces her to a world any she’s ever seen…full of gods and spirits and entities of which she could never have dreamed. But even with this world of wonder, can she find a way out of her sorrow? From the creator of Nabari No Ou, Our Dreams At Dusk, Shōnen Note.

Warning: Contains depictions of suicide and suicidal ideation.

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