Daman Mills Issues Statement About Fabricated Sexual Misconduct Allegations – Interest

“I am glad Duncan has shared that whole truth now. Despite the harm caused, it takes bravery to admit you’ve done something like this in such a public way, and I wish him no ill will.”

Sonny Boy voice actor Daman Mills issued a statement on Twitter on Wednesday regarding previous claims of sexual misconduct. The Ohio man, referred to as “Duncan,” accused Mills of sexual misconduct but later both withdrew the claims and later stated they were fabricated and untrue.

Mills wrote in an eight-part Twitter thread:

As many of you know, a month and a half ago my life was devastated by false claims from an individual I knew nearly a decade ago. I am grateful that the whole truth is now public, and that this nightmare is coming to an end.

To those who have waited to hear from me directly, I am so grateful for your patience. The hard reality is that when you have a public platform, any statement you make — even in your own defense — can cause the harassment of your family, your friends, and even your fans. Instead, I have tried to trust in the truth to clear my name, and I am glad Duncan has shared that whole truth now. Despite the harm caused, it takes bravery to admit you’ve done something like this in such a public way, and I wish him no ill will.

Duncan and I never had a romantic or sexual relationship and the screenshots that damaged my reputation were fabricated. His accusations were entirely false. Those who know me know that non-consensual acts are against my character and core values.

For those who have asked, after three months of direct attacks on my livelihood, my attorney sent Duncan a single Cease and Desist letter asking that he stop contacting my places of work.

At no point in that letter did my attorney ask Duncan for a retraction. And neither myself, my attorney, or any representatives of mine have spoken to him after the claims were published. Any claims to the contrary are untrue.

Out of respect for the privacy of all involved, I will not be making a further comment on this situation. And I am honestly not sure when I will fully come back to social media — this experience has been traumatic in a way that is hard to describe. Until then, I want to sincerely thank those who have stood by me throughout this ordeal. Your support, whether public or private, has made this situation bearable, and I am grateful beyond words.

Mills told ANN at the time of the accusations that he has sought legal counsel and has been advised not to comment on the claims. He sent Duncan a Cease and Desist letter on February 18 wherein he asserted that the relationship was “consensual and mutual” and the claims were “wholeheartedly false and without merit.” Mills also demanded in the letter that the Duncan cease and desist from further contacting Mills’ employers or contractors. He was given until February 25 to agree or face potential legal action, including potential liability for damages, costs, and expenses.

Daman Mills is represented by Kenneth J. Berke of Berke Law Group, APC in California. Berke provided the following statement to CBR regarding the wording of the Cease and Desist letter:

“Any language quoted from the Cease and Desist sent to Duncan was written by me, and does not represent a statement from my client. To be clear, that language has been misinterpreted; Daman Mills has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with “Duncan.” The consensual “relationship” referred to in that legal document uses the word’s standard definition — a continued association between two people — in this case, a friendship. Daman vehemently denies any romantic relationship with Duncan, as well as the accusations made against him.”

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