Kohl’s is at a Crossroads

Kohl’s is struggling, and there are a lot of debates about how the store should proceed. Kohl’s Current Situation Kohl’s is the largest department store chain in the United States, and has over 1,100 stores across almost every state in the nation. However, in recent months, Kohl’s has been vocal about wanting to shift away … Read more

The Anti-Social Geniuses Light Novel Review: The Holy Grail of Eris Volume 1

Helen: The Holy Grail of Eris is not an isekai title and while the backstabbing nature of Adelbide high society would make for a fun game to play, it’s not so fun for Constance Grail to live through. She’s never had many friends and when she discovers that her fiancé, who her family desperately needs … Read more

Retail Check-In 6 – TheOASG

It’s time again to recap some recent headlines and tidbits! All Aboard the Manga Train Publishers Weekly had a new article highlighting how well manga — and associated genres like webtoons — are doing in the market. A wide range of titles, from current hits, old classics, and genres like boys’ love and girls’ love, … Read more

Of Tomb Raiders and NFTs: The Embracer-Square Enix Deal

A few months back, Dark Horse revealed it had been purchased by a company called Embracer Group. Embracer Group is a rather large conglomerate, as even on the day Embracer announced its acquisition of Dark Horse, it was just one of five new companies being added to Embracer’s catalog. Now, Embracer continues to buy up … Read more