Making Mayhem: Behind the Scenes of DC’s New Animated Crossover

What happens when you take two super-teams from two different DC Universe animated projects and stick them together? The result is a chaotic adventure filled with heart, humor and heroics. Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is the latest DC animated movie, and it’s a non-stop, all ages thrill … Read more

DC Announces New Original Young Adult Graphic Novels for Spring 2023

DC Announces New Original Young Adult Graphic Novels for Spring 2023 Three New Takes on Fan Favorite Characters Next spring, DC will debut three new titles, with new takes on familiar characters! DC’s Young Adult line continues to expand what a Super Hero looks like, and what it means to be a friend, be yourself, … Read more

DC plans three YA GNs for spring ’23 with Lois, Harley Quinn and Static

DC’s young adult graphic novel line has been a critical and sales success and the hits will keep coming, with three books announced for Spring ’23. This time out the spotlight lands on Lois Lane, Harley Quinn and Static. Definitely three characters that YA readers will relate to – and in the case of Lois … Read more

How Kimberly Brooks draws from her own life to voice tech genius Bumblebee in MAYHEM IN THE MULTIVERSE

Kimberly Brooks is one of the most accomplished professionals in the voiceover industry. So it’s hard to imagine that she, like pretty much everyone at some point, suffered from confidence issues early in her career. It’s likely why voicing Karen Beecher aka the diminutive tech genius Bumblebee in the DC Super Hero Girls cartoon resonates … Read more

INTERVIEW: Brian Level & Kate Sherron talk SILK HILLS

A missing persons case. An ages-old family feud. A thriving drug trade. And, of course, Mothman. Those are just some of the things you’ll find in Silk Hills, the titular town at the heart of the new graphic novel from writers Brian Level & Ryan Ferrierartist Kate Sherronand letter Crank!. Out next month from Oni … Read more

BEWARE THE EYE OF ODIN creators Doug Wagner & Tim Odland discuss their take on Norse Mythology

Next month Image Comics will release Beware the Eye of Odin #1, the new series from writer Doug Wagnerartist Tim Odlandcolorist Michelle Madsenand letter Ed Dukeshire. The series follows a young Viking prince and his compatriots on a quest to return the lost eye of Odin to its rightful owner. Beware the Eye of Odin … Read more

Digging Up Batman Unburied | DC

SPOILER ALERT: This column includes spoilers from the first five episodes of Batman Unburied. If you haven’t yet listened to episode five, we suggest waiting to read it until you have. It’s been over eighty years since we first met the Dark Knight, yet people are still finding new ways to tell stories about him. … Read more