Episode 8 – Heroines Run the Show: The Unpopular Girl and the Secret Task

After two weeks of wrestling with the hot button issue of whether or not it’s ethically acceptable to style Hiyori’s eyebrows, Heroines Run the Show dials itself back with a straightforward episode exploring how track kids are just built different. We had annual Field Days throughout elementary school, and as a nonathletic nerd who preferred … Read more

Episode 33 – Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3

Main’s incremental, and often incidental efforts at revolutionizing this world have encompassed plenty of aspects both sociological and technological so far. But as of this episode, we’re visiting on the possibility of more direct, personal changes affected, something Main herself has even deeper ties to. As we might have guessed, the sickness afflicting baby Dirk … Read more

Cotton Fantasy – Game Review

The Cotton series is nothing if not a survivor. first appearing in 1991, Cotton introduced the horizontal shooter genre to a cute little witch with a cuter, littler fairy sidekick, and it never wavered from that. The 1990s brought sequels and ports, followed by almost two decades of dormancy after the ill-received Rainbow Cotton. Yet … Read more

Episode 1018 – One Piece

How would you rate episode 1018 ofOne Piece? Community score: 4.3 The big bombastic punches are flying, and if you aren’t buckled up folks you better strap in cause there’s a lot of screen-shaking hits. I think the overall episode is solid. There’s a bunch of wailing on Kaido as this giant punching (or swording?) … Read more

Episode 8 – Healer Girl

How would you rate episode 8 ofHealer Girl ? Community score: 4.2 I feel safe saying Reimi has been the MVP carrying this show. Kana’s a perfectly nice protagonist and Hibiki functions fine in a group context, but outside of Sonia, it was the blonde-and-blue disaster girl providing the necessary energy to keep this musical … Read more

Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island Film’s Clip Show Gopp, M’Quve Negotiating – News

M’Quve threatens destruction of Earth’s cities if Gopp continues Gibraltar attack in June 3 film Bandai Namco Filmworks unveiled a new clip from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan’s Island (Kidō Senshi Gundam: Cucuruz Doan no Shima) anime film on Wednesday. The clip shows Federation commander Gopp conversing via transmission with Zeon colonel M’Quve, with … Read more

Making Mayhem: Behind the Scenes of DC’s New Animated Crossover

What happens when you take two super-teams from two different DC Universe animated projects and stick them together? The result is a chaotic adventure filled with heart, humor and heroics. Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse is the latest DC animated movie, and it’s a non-stop, all ages thrill … Read more