Aksys Games to Release Horgihugh and Friends, Nom-Yu Games – News

Aksys Games announced during its All Aksys event on Thursday two new games, Horgihugh and Friends and Nom-Yuas well as updated release windows for five games.

Aksys Games will release Horgihugh and Friends for Nintendo Switch this summer.

The company describes the game:

At the end of a brutal war, countries dismantled their weapons. When the Gozareans attack, two pilots realize their trusty vintage fighter planes are the only means of combating the alien’s powerful technologies. Hugh & Figaro are the world’s last wings of hope. This horizontal side-scrolling shooter features vibrant retro graphics with artwork by Kou (Mega Man 2X, Shantae) and music by Motoaki Furukawa (Gradius II, Metal Gear, Policenauts).

The game launched in Japan in February 2021.

Aksys Games will release Experience’s Nom-Yu for Switch and PC in 2023.

The company describes the game:

A first-person, turn-based dungeon crawler from Experience Inc. in the tradition of the original Wizardry. Create your own characters to defeat the seven demon kings. Form your team, clear the dungeons, defeat the monsters, and claim victory.

The game launched in Japan in July 2021.

Aksys Games will release Blazing Strike for Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC this fall.

Aksys Games will release Piofiore no Banshō – Episodia 1926a sequel to the earlier Piofiore no Banshō PlayStation Vita game, on Switch this fall.

The company describes the story:

The full sequel to last year’s hit Piofiore finds Liliana immersed once again in the dangerous Mafia turf wars and intrigues that tear apart the city of Burlone.

The game debuted for the Switch in Japan in November 2020.

Aksys Games will release Lover Pretend for Switch in fall.

Aksys Games describes the story:

Chiyuki lives alone, spending all her time studying for university and doing part-time work. She has two dreams in life: to become a scriptwriter—also a dream of her late mother—and to find her father whom she never met. From clues left behind, it seems her mother was writing a drama script before she was born. Chiyuki lands a job as an assistant to a scriptwriter for a film that the sons of the drama staff are making. She searches for information while working her new job, but in a twist of events ends up cast in the role of their love interest…? This is a pretend love role, not true love. Can Chiyuki create a script about fake lovers, while not knowing anything about falling in love herself?

Atori Shiina directed Lover Pretend, with an original concept by Rito Fuji, and a scenario by Misaki Kanan. The game debuted in Japan in March 2021.

Aksys Games will release Paradigm Paradox on Switch in fall.

The company describes the story:

The year is 25XX, a world where mankind lives only in isolated colonies. The protagonist, a student at the academy, is bored with the drudgery of everyday life, a day-to-day existence untouched by gossip about “Heroes” and “Vermin,” the enemy of mankind, and unnoticed by the good-looking guys at the academy. One night she slips out of the dormitory and encounters colony-invading Vermin, landing herself in danger! Four girls appear suddenly and repel the Vermin with miraculous abilities. The protagonist decides to work as a hero, leading a busy life as both a student and champion of justice. But why is it that she has more opportunities to talk to the good-looking guys everyone is whispering about…? What is their (the girls’ / guys’) secret…? And what is the enemy’s true identity…?

Paradigm Paradox launched in Japan in May 2021.

Aksys Games will release Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau (English title pending) for Switch in 2023.

Aksys Games describes the story:

The first year of the Kyoho era. The land is ruled by the eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune. Repeated incidents caused by monsters in the town of Edo upset and frighten the people so the Tokugawa shogunate establishes the “Oniwaban” to maintain public order and secured the town. Seasons passed—to year 11 of the Kyoho era. A girl in a village far from Edo has the power to see a “black thread” before every catastrophe and the panicked villagers drove her away into the snowy mountains. One day, a young man going by the name of Oniwaban appears before her. This is a story in which a girl encounters “non-humans,” and learns about love.

Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau launched in Japan in July 2021.

Sources: Press release, Aksys’ Twitch channel

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