Episode 7 – Overlord IV

How would you rate episode 7 ofOverlord IV ? Community score: 4.2 Frankly, this episode is by far the weakest of the season so far. The plot is simple and direct: Ainz kills two dragons, subjugates the rest, and Shalltear kills 70,000 Quagoa. There is no attempt at tension—neither of them even breaks a sweat. … Read more

Mighty Studios Connects Global Artists With 2D And 3D Animation ShotGrid Pipeline

From the beloved cult animated hit Rick and Morty to the sci-fi series Star Wars Galaxy of PalsMighty Studios’ global team of artists excel at visual storytelling through use of vibrant, high caliber 2d and 3d animation. Founded as a boutique animation house in 2012, Mighty scaled its team and capabilities to become a full-service … Read more

How Buck Used Spark AR Studio To Bring The Art Of Takashi Murakami To Life

The Installation In partnership with Instagram, we created six site- and exhibit-specific en effects for “Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow,” which opened at The Broad Museum in May 2022. When experienced in the context of Murakami’s exhibition, his first US museum show to have an ar component, these ar effects evolve … Read more

The Good, and not so good, Old Days The Daily Cartoonist

Home / Section: Comic strips CSotD: The Good, and not so good, Old Days There’s an interesting collision going on between routine Back to School comic strips and political cartoons marking the current teacher shortage crisis, in the midst of which Baby Blues (AMS) offers a funny/not funny piece. I’ve seen this scenario play out … Read more

Shueisha Games Wins Big at BitSummit!

Titles Featured at the Shueisha Games Booth Playable demos: The Tower – To the Bottom (Playable for the first time) ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni (Playable for the first time) Ukiyo Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions New Titles: Schrödinger’s Call Urban Myth Dissolution Center Title: The Tower – To the Bottom At … Read more

Episode 7 – Tokyo Mew Mew New

It’s kind of unclear whether or not the Mew Mews are afforded the same identity protections that other magical girls (and in the case of Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, magical boys) are afforded. In case you missed the way that the aforementioned magical boy parody show portrayed it, that basically means that no … Read more